The banner for the 2023 NEH Institute for Higher Education Faculty, "The Performance of Roman Comedy." A beige background. At top, in black Art Deco capital lettering, reads: The Performance of Roman Comedy. Below that, in white sentence-case Art Deco lettering, reads: Boston College & Wake Forest University • Chestnut Hill, MA • July 9–August 4, 2023. Below that, four Art Deco figures in bright colors representing ancient Roman actors, left to right: a red-skinned bald person with a beard and asymmetrical eyebrow, wearing a yellow toga, on a sky-blue background; a light-skinned person with brown hair and a slate palla playing the double pipes on a green background; a red-skinned bald beardless person with a big smile and a blue toga with arms stretched overhead, on a mustard background; and a light-skinned figure wearing red palla and head covering with Green skirt with a big frown, on a red background. In the bottom left, in tiny letters: art by Kevin Quigley.

The directors have partnered with Boston University to secure housing that is affordable, convenient to Boston College’s campus, and located in a neighborhood with accessible transportation, food, and entertainment options. Participants are eligible to reserve housing in suite-style apartments that each have four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a shared full kitchen and furnished living space. The bedrooms are private, encompassing approximately 100 square feet, and have both a closet and central air conditioning.

A photo of the Boston University housing option. An external shot of high-rise residential buildings, with a bright green, freshly mowed lawn in front, encircled by red brick walkways with black metal benches. Two people are walking along the walkway on the rigth.

The building has 24-hour front desk security, laundry facilities, and a top-floor lounge with sweeping views of Boston and the Charles River, and there are a grocery store, pharmacy, many stores and restaurants within a half mile, all on one easy-to-use above-ground train line. Click here for a 360 view of the shared kitchen and living space. The BU housing is situated along the B Line, which terminates right at the entrance to Boston College.

An internal photo of the Boston University housing option. A balding white man with graying black hair and a white checkered shirt sits in a tan chair at a light wooden desk, working at a laptop. To his right is a light wood chest of drawers. To the right of that, under a window with a view of the Boston skyline and a sky-blue sky, is a twin long bed with sky-blule bedcover. On top of the bed is an open black suitcase. The floor appears to have carpeted or laminate floors.

You can find details about this housing option here. The directors will also be happy to help those who wish to find alternative housing or who have special housing needs.

An interior photo of a lounge space at the Boston University housing option. An open carpeted space with various kinds of seating: easy chairs, coffee tables, a console table with a TV on it, an armchair with a side table and table lamp, a round table with chairs around it. Two walls have wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Boston skyline.

The Performance of Roman Comedy has been made possible by a major grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities: Democracy demands wisdom.

The official logo of the NEH. On the right, in all caps, "National Endowment for the Humanities." On the left, the seal of the NEH: A blue circle with "National Endowment" in all caps along the upper half, a star at the left and right midpoints of the circle, and "for the Humanities" in all caps along the lower half. Within the circle, on a white background, is the coat of arms of the United States of America: a bald eagle looking to its right with wings and legs spread. Above its head, a circular white cloud surrounding a hexagonal blue sky with thirteen white stars in it. In its beak, a gold ribbon that flows out to the right and left sides of its head, reading, in all caps, E Pluribus Unum. On its breast, a shield with a horizontal blue rectangle at top and 13 vertical stripes below, 7 white, 6 red. In its right talons, an olive branch. In its left talons, a bunch of 13 arrows.

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